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Brexit news: Jeremy Vine Says Lack Of Sanctions On Russia Is Due To EU exit | Politics |

Phone-in caller Arya phoned Jeremy Vine‘s daily Channel 5 programme to discuss the lack of more substantial financial sanctions on Russia. He questioned why the UK was allowing Russian companies worth billions, were still allowed to be listed on the London stock exchange. Mr Vine also claimed that the UK needs as much foreign money as it can get since severing past ties with the European Union with Brexit.

Caller Arya said: “All of these combined the market value of over 400b, and these companies some of which are state-owned or part state-owned by the Russian Government raise over 95b dollars in Russian taxes through London last year.

“So to me, it is completely absurd that these companies are still listed on the London stock exchange, secondary listed that is.”

Mr Vine said: “When you say it’s absurd, we know why… Because surely post Brexit we need all the foreign money we can get.

“I mean, it’s important that we’ve got people paying tax in this country, I mean that’s the reason isn’t it?”

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Arya added: “I mean, yeah but, not to comment on Brexit but I think a big argument for Brexit was defending freedom and sovereignty.

“And I don’t really feel like we can be like, oh yes! All this foreign money in exchange for freedom and sovereignty.”

Mr Vine said: “No, no of course, so what would you do now if you’re the West and we sort of agree now, that you can’t send NATO into Ukraine or else it’s world war three.”

Many global political leaders, including Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary have been warning Russia for weeks, that if they invade Ukraine, harsh financial sanctions will be imposed on them.

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Russia has ignored all warnings of harsh sanctions and at around 5.45 am Moscow time, Putin’s troops attacked Ukraine.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss tweeted: “I strongly condemn the appalling, unprovoked attack President Putin has launched on the people of Ukraine. We stand with Ukraine and we will work with our international partners to respond to this terrible act of aggression.”

“I have summoned the Russian ambassador to meet me and explain Russia’s illegal, unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. We will be imposing severe sanctions and rallying countries in support of Ukraine.”

Boris Johnson added on Twitter: “I am appalled by the horrific events in Ukraine and I have spoken to President Zelenskyy to discuss next steps. President Putin has chosen a path of bloodshed and destruction by launching this unprovoked attack on Ukraine. The UK and our allies will respond decisively.”


Western allies had been scrambling for weeks to try and de-escalate the situation between Ukraine and Russia.

Now that their efforts have failed and Russia has attacked Ukraine, they are now scrambling to implement the sanctions.

American President Joe Biden confirmed the company in charge of building Russia’s controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline on US soil, had now been scrapped.

The Biden Administration said: “Today, I have directed my administration to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG and its corporate officers.

“These steps are another piece of our initial tranche of sanctions in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. As I have made clear, we will not hesitate to take further steps if Russia continues to escalate.”

Bidens Spokesperson added: “That is now an $11bn prize project that is a piece of steel at the bottom of the ocean.”

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