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Businesses get mixed interest from consumers ahead of Valentine’s Day

The day of love is fast-approaching and local businesses have been getting mixed interest among consumers for Valentine’s Day.

Loop News contacted several businesses that would typically see a spike in sales for Valentine’s Day. 

Some are reporting that they have seen little to no increase in sales so far.  Others, however, say they are receiving strong interest from customers.

 Owner of Chocolate Dreams Michelle Smith said her company, which manufactures and sells chocolates and chocolate baked products, would usually see an uptick in business around this season. But this has not been the case for this year.

“Things have been really tight, but they have been tight for a while. We’ve been getting calls, but compared to previous years, the volume of orders is not as great,” she said.

Chocolate-covered strawberries from Chocolate Dreams, a typical hot item for Valentine’s Day.

Smith attributes this to a reduction in the spending power of citizens.

“Christmas we had a spurt, and then January it fell right down because people are sick, people are cancelling events or are not having as big of events so they are not spending, and they don’t have the expendable income either,” she said.

Founder of Likkle Tea, Patrique Goodall, said the rising cost of living in Jamaica has also affected her Valentine’s Day sales.

 “This year, the uptake has been a little slow compared to other years and with good reason. The prices for basic food items, gas and almost everything have increased, and loose leaf tea is a niche product,” Goodall said.

The tea sommelier is still optimistic that  the Likkle Tea special offer will be taken up before the day approaches.

Likkle Love Box, packaged for Valentine’s Day by Likkle Tea

“We’re doing our Likkle Love Boxes — two limited edition teas — Black Roses and Chocolate Chups, an Organic Black Tea with Roses and Organic Chocolate Caramel Black Tea with Local Cacao respectively. The box also includes sugar cookies, scented candle, tea-infused chocolates, a rose sage smudge stick, and a handcrafted card,” she said.

Goodall is nonetheless hopeful that she may get some last-minute orders.

“Sometimes the night before, we usually get emails and calls for last-minute gift items.”

However, co-owner of Adam and Eve Day Spa, Kimisha Walker, said her spa is enjoying the natural increase in business that occurs during the celebratory period. 

 “Our increase is definitely more than last year this time, as our clientele is now adjusting to the protocols of the spa,” she said.

Masseuses at Adam and Eve Spa perform a massage on a couple

Another spa, Day and Night Beauty is also seeing an increase in its Valentine’s Day sales. Managing Director of the spa, Daenia Ashpole credits this to the new “self-care movement”.

 “We have noticed an increase in services this year. This, we believe, is tied to the new self-care movement. Persons are more keen on treating themselves and maintaining a beauty standard. So we now see that customers are trying to be more consistent with other services such as facials and massages. Our packages purchased have therefore been a mix of couples spreading cheer and also individuals on the journey of self-care not only as luxury, but as a necessity,” she said. 

 She added that Day and Night Beauty also place immense effort in preparing for Valentine’s Day. 

 “Each year we launch specialty gift packages for Valentine’s Day, this year our focus has been on incorporating everyone within some stage of love, for friends, those getting started by dating, those going through a recent breakup, those deeply in love, and those that have mastered the art of self-love,” she said.

The Love Wall at Day and Night Beauty for clients to take photos after receiving their spa service.

“This year we have created a “Love Wall” for persons to simply take pictures and embrace beauty. In addition, our gift packages are carefully designed to include more aromatic fragrances such as lavender and also to showcase more spa services at attractive prices. We have also updated our spa signature fragrance, customers are now greeted with a rose blend scent upon entering the salon and spa.”

Kingston-based restaurant District 5 has it has seen a bit of an uptake in the reservations for this Valentine’s Day, compared to last year.

“We have seen a trend we’re a majority of the reservations come in closer to the day in question. However, this year we see persons making their reservations earlier than we have come to expect,” said Dealo Gordon, manager at District 5.

Gordon said District 5 has been preparing the restaurants for guests who have made arrangements to dine there on the special evening.  

“We have planned for a different set up in the restaurant than guests are used to. A scene that sets the ambiance for a special night,” he said.

Gordon also shared that the restaurant’s Valentine’s Day menu that starts from the lunch period until close with three seating times throughout the day.

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