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Higher gas prices affecting limo companies

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – High gas prices continue to raise, impacting drivers across the country.

In Nashville, the average gallon of gasoline is $4.24. The national average hit another high benchmark when it passed the $4.50 mark for the first time ever.

The high prices are impacting local transportation companies like All-Stars Limousine.

“We have limousines anywhere Chrysler 300 to a stretch Cadillac escalade on over to buses,” Samantha Dundee, a manager and host for All-Stars Limousine, said.

Dundee is a manager and host for All-Stars Limousine and the increasing gas prices is really impacting their bottom line.

“For instance, if you take a bus like these $75 in fuel used to get you almost a full tank of gas now it gets me less than a half,” Dundee said.

News4 crews spotted gas prices as high as $4.59 in some places throughout the city.

This limousine company is having to make up for the cost by adding fuel charges to their customers. It’s something they don’t want to have to do but have no choice.

Trey Harris, owner of All-Stars Limousine, said limos hardly get five miles to the gallon, which has pushed the fuel expenses up 15-20%.

“When I was filling up at our facility one tank before I went and that would last all day long. Now, I had to stop multiple times to put more gas, and more gas,” Dundee said.

Dundee tries to work with her customers to curb fuel charges, but as the prices continue to rise, it’s hard.

“If you’re picked up at the airport, which is not far from our office, I try to not raise it all but if you get picked up in Murfreesboro, it used to be a $25 trip charge and it’s now $80,” Dundee said. “For customers who have been with us for years, that’s a big jump.”

She said they also use their vehicles for community service too, but high gas prices make it difficult to be a labor of love.

“I’m going to pick up special needs children to take them to a Justin Bieber concert. It’s things that I like to do for free to give back to the community,” Dundee said. “I’m unable to do it at this time. It’s taking away from what I can give.”

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