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Investing In Nigeria’s Education Sector, China’s Priority -Envoy

1 Mr Cui Jianchun, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Nigeria, says investing in the education sector of Nigeria is a priority of the Chinese government.

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2 This he said was to foster Nigeria’s development.

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3 Cui made this known on Friday at the commissioning of the upgraded Chinese Center of the Junior Secondary School, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

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4 Represented by Mr Zhang Yi, Deputy Head of Mission of the Chinese Embassy, Cui said that the Chinese government was keen on investing in education as it was the bedrock for a functional society.

5 “First of all we want to help improve education here in Nigeria.

6 it is based on our national experience.

7 “Because years ago, when China was still a poverty-stricken country, we invested into education because we know that the children need good education as the future of the country.

8 “And, we believe that education can make our country stronger, well safe.

9 So that is why we thought that we could do something even though it is very humble for the people, and to the children of Nigeria,” he said.

10 He noted that Nigerian government also paid greater attention to education, adding that China and Nigeria had been doing so wonderfully in their relationship.

11 “We believe that at least we can be of some help to the government, to the people and to the children.

12 “That is why my government since 2012 has been doing something for education in Nigeria.

13 this is one of our agenda and it is our priority.

14 “We are looking forward to providing further assistance to our children here to enhance the cooperation between our two governments,” Cui said.

15 Cui further said that establishing Chinese Centers across schools in Nigeria was also geared towards strengthening the people to people’s relations between both countries, which he stressed was important to strengthen ties between both countries.

16 “We have Chinese corners and cultural centers in Abuja and other cities.

17 In these centers we can make the children know the culture of China.

18 “What the history is, what the people think and what the people do in China because People to People communication is very vital because the people are the messengers of the friendship of our two countries.

19 “A lot of Nigerians are in China in the entertainment field, a lot of them are doing raps in Chinese language and that is why we hope that we have more culture representation here
“So that the children can know more about our culture and we will also know the culture of Nigeria and I hope we can do more,” he said.

20 Mr Alhassan Sule, Chairman, FCT Universal Basic Education Board appreciated the Chinese government for its investment in the FCT education sector over the years.

21 Sule who harped on the importance of education to the development of Nigeria and the Children also appealed for more assistance from the Chinese government to FCT schools.

22 “This initiative is candid.

23 Education is the only weapon that guarantees a child’s future and a safer tomorrow and education cannot do without culture.

24 “And with this, it gives a clear understanding of people’s working, of people’s activities, understanding and it builds mutual relationships among societies.

25 “FCT to be specific is the center of the nation today and by its position attracts people from all over the country.

26 “This attraction is overstretching our existing facilities, especially infrastructure, our classrooms, to mention but a few and if we say we are going to rely on government to do it alone, education for all is everybody’s responsibility.

27 “Education is something that cannot be jeopardised because it is the future of the nation and foundation for development.

28 “That is why we are saying, they have been doing it but we are looking for more.

29 We have one of the best schools in the FCT today and that is the Chinese Primary School,” Sule said.

30 Mr Wan Lianyu, representative of the Eighteenth Engineering Company (EEC) said that over the company’s ten years of existence in Nigeria it has constructed so many infrastructure and facilities, with that of the education sector not left out.

31 “Our EEC company came into Nigeria ten years ago.

32 Built railways, more than 5,000 kilometers roadworks, promote economic and social development.

33 “This China Center is a bridge that connects Nigeria and China culture,” Wan said.

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