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Livestock agent ROSS ELLIS of McDougall and Sons brings us an update on the local lamb and cattle markets from last week.

The sales continued this week with agents yarding 695 head of cattle for the weekly sale and then at the sheep and lamb sale Agents yarded 3107 head for the sale.

The markets were firm to a shade easier mainly price-related on type and weight.

The markets are seeing the dominant forces as the feed on and local processors as well as back to the paddock buyers and the exporters made tentative moves into the available stock.

Cattle numbers

Vealer steers averaged 693.6c/kg topping at 842.2c/kg or $1987.71 to $2509.57

Vealer heifers averaged 574c/kg topping at 738.2c/kg or $1518.38 to 2167.29

Feeder steers averaged 585.9c/kg topping at 656.2c/kg or $2391.76 to $3041.00

Feeder heifers averaged 532.9c/kg topping at 578.2c/kg or $1929.09 to $2412.79

Yearling steers averaged 639.3c/kg topping at 774.22c/kg or $2107.72to $22651.71

Yearling heifers averaged 529.3c/kg topping at 700.2c/kg or $1771.09 to $2259.92

Steers averaged 515.3c/kg topping at 614.2c/kg or $2668.17 to $3289.43

Heifers averaged 435c/kg topping at 498.2c/kg or $2138.13 to $3010.00

Manufacturing steers topping at 350.2c/kg or $1378.98 to $2223.77to $2223.77

Cows averaged 351.7c/kg topping at 438.2c/kg or $2004.66 to $3145.00

Bulls averaged 376.7c/kg topping at 598.2c/kg or $1828.65 to $3415.50


Sheep and lamb numbers

Sheep and lambs were at the sale from the local vendors as well as Western Districts, New England and the South West.

Lambs topped at $230to average $160.70 a drop of $20/head

Hoggets topped at $209 to average $160.05 a par on last sale

Ewes topped at $186 to average $138.63 up $47on last sale

Wethers topped at $180 to average $137.06 a gain of $2/head

Lamb rams topped at $210 to average $150.01 a drop of $35/head

The total sale yarding of 3107 head averaged $155.38/ head which was a fall of $10/head for the week-on-week sales.


Pig and poultry numbers

Pig numbers were up to 93 head with the yarding mainly consisting of light stores.

Sows sold to $414, Pork sold to $180, stores sold to $200, Boars sold to $420

Poultry numbers were up with Roosters selling to $9, Hens to $20, Pullets to$15, Ducks to $12.50, Drakes to $5, Ducklings to $25, Quails to $17.50


McDougall and Sons sheep and lamb report

Agents today saw the vendors come at a rush after the Australia Day break with 3107 head meeting the market for the only weekly sheep sale in Queensland.

Visitors from near and far were in attendance to see the auctioneers and their staff conduct a sale with both a commercial as well as an outing for the general public keen to see the auctions.

Lambs and Mutton were drawn from the South West, Charleville, New England as well as local vendors.

The market was slightly down but saw good support from the export and processing sector for the heavy lamb and mutton available.

Back to the paddock buyers whilst seeking stock were the sector that were reluctant to go to the higher rates of last year.

Lambs topped at $230 to average $160.70($20down), hoggets topped at $209 to average $160.05 (Par), ewes topped at $186 to average $138.63($47up), wethers topped at $180to average $137.06($2up), lamb rams topped at $210 to average $150.01($35down).

The total sale average of $155.38 was slightly down by $10 across the board.

• Phil Bougoure sold Dorper/Coolalee lambs 58.8kg to Fletchers International for $205, 50.7kg to Eversons for $192

• David Fletcher sold Dorper x lambs 57.5kg to Uniplaza Meats for $207, ewes and wethers to Fletchers International for $178

• Karl & Kate Hinshelwood sold X bred lambs off grain 49.2kg to Eversons for $193

• Bodumba Farming sold Dorper lambs 62.1kg to Fletchers International for $220, 56kg to Uniplaza Meats for $208, 65.7kg hoggets to Fletcher International for $198

• Lloyd & Desley Mauch sold Suffolk x lambs 58.6kg to Fletchers International for $213

• Greg & Clancy Mc Gahan sold Dorper lambs 65kg to Fletchers International for $214, 54.3kg to Uniplaza Meats for $203, 55kg ram lambs to Warwick Meats for $170, hogget rams to restockers for $170, ewes to restockers for $140

• Declan Campbell sold 50kg Dorper x lambs to Tonys Supa Meats for $205

• Campbell Bros sold 43.3kg Dorper x lambs to GR Prime for $175, 39kg to Hurley & Weiss for $155

• David Lindsay sold 60.7kg Xb lambs to Thomas Foods for $214, 47kg to Eversons for $190, 4th wethers to Fletchers International for $178

• Marcuss Jessen sold Dorper wethers 66.5kg to Fletcher International for $175

• Paul Millard sold Dorper x lambs 56.1kg to Thomas Foods for $201

• Stillwater Dorpers sold Dorper lambs 44.39kg to Jock Young Meats for $186, 42.44kg to Hurley & Weiss for $178

• Phil Sissman sold X bred lambs 62kg to Thomas Foods for $215, 55kg to Warwick Meats for $195, X bred hoggets 72.7kg to Fletcher International for $180, Merino lambs 41.1kg to restockers for $131, Merino hoggets to Eversons for $150 and $125, 43kg Merino hoggets to restockers for $100 and $87, 41.6kg sucker X bred lambs to GR Prime for $158, ewe &lamb units to restockers for $195, 31.7kg X bred sucker lambs to restockers for $138, 24.2kg to retockers for $78, X bred ewes to Thomas Foods for $180, to GR Prime for $90 and Rams to Whites Trading for $172

• Kim Nielsen sold X bred ewes to Fletchers International for $186

• Cooinda P/S sold Dorper x lambs 49.4kg to Leslie Lamb for $197

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