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Livestock Show concludes with awards, sales | News

After two days of cancellations due to bad weather, the Comanche County Spring Livestock Show resumed Friday afternoon with an awards luncheon.

The luncheon was sponsored by Cameron University and featured Albert Johnson Jr., the university’s Vice President of Academic Advancement, as their representative for the event.

Cameron has sponsored the luncheon for the last two years. He said that he feels Cameron’s involvement in the show is an important reminder of the university’s beginnings as an agricultural college.

“Agriculture is a huge component of who we are at Cameron,” Johnson said. “It’s what Cameron was built on.”

Several FFA students from the Southwest Oklahoma area received prizes at the event, the largest of which were three scholarships and a traveling trophy for a round robin competition presented Friday morning.

The top four winners for the round robin tournament received prizes, including a sweatshirt and money. The first-place winner of the tournament, however, received a three-foot trophy, which is passed on to each winner from one year to the next.

In order to win the tournament, exhibitors must show excellence in presenting animals of each species featured in the show. Meaning round robin competitors present a cow, a pig, a sheep and a goat over the course of the event, and show knowledge of each.

This year, the keeper of the trophy is Elgin FFA’s Sierra Spencer.

Spencer has been preparing to compete for the award for many years. This year, she not only prepared to present animals at the show, but also studied a series of questions about raising cattle in general, for the tie-breaking question-and-answer session at the end of the tournaments.

“It’s one of my biggest dreams to win this,” Spencer said, standing next to her trophy.

Spencer began showing animals when she was 10 years old and became a member of her FFA program when she was 12. Now, at 17, she talks about her journey toward becoming a winning competitor.

“At first, it was a very big responsibility, and really difficult,” Spencer said. “After a while it gets easier. Now it’s second nature.”

Spencer intends to attend Connors State College in Warner Oklahoma and pursue a degree in agriculture.

After the conclusion of the awards luncheon, a sale of cattle presented at the Livestock show was presented.

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