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Multibagger stock: Small-cap share hits upper circuit on 13th straight session

Multibagger stock in 2022: United Polyfab Gujarat Ltd is a small-cap textile company listed at NSE SME exchange. It is one of the multibagger stocks in 2022 as the stock has surged from 18.20 to 50.25 apiece levels in YTD time, recording around 175 per cent rise this year. This multibagger textile stock has been hitting upper circuit since 7th June 2022. United Polyfab Gujarat Ltd share price today opened around 5 per cent upside hitting upper circuit for 13th successive session.

United Polyfab Gujarat Ltd share price history

This multibagger stock has given around 33 per cent return to its shareholders in last 5 trade sessions as it has surged from 37.60 to 50.25 apiece levels in this period. In last one month, this multibagger textile stock has shot up from 38.75 to 50.25 levels, recording near 29 per cent rise in this period. However, in YTD time, this small-cap textile stock has delivered multibagger return to its shareholders after logging more than 175 per cent return after ushering in the new year 2022.

So, if an investor had invested 1 lakh in this multibagger NSE SME stock at the beginning of new year 2022, its 1 lakh would have turned to 2.75 lakh today, provided the investor had remained invested in this multibagger stock through this period.

The NSE SME stock is a small-cap company with a market cap of 105 crore. Current trade volume of the stock is 6,825, which is much below its last 20 days average trade volume of 36,446. Hence, this multibagger stock is a high risk low float stock that may become highly volatile after a single trigger. Current book value per share of this stock is slightly above 22. Its 52-week high is 79.65 whereas its 52-week low is 8.20 per share. Hence, the penny stock has turned multibagger within a year.

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Read More: Multibagger stock: Small-cap share hits upper circuit on 13th straight session

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