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Xbox series X stock – live: Latest UK restock news from Amazon, Game, Currys and more

<p>We’re predicting major restocks at UK retailers any minute now </p>
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We’re predicting major restocks at UK retailers any minute now

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Update: The Xbox series X is in stock at Smyths Toys and Asda through Xbox All Access. Read on for more details.

More than a year after it launched, the Xbox series X shortage is still ongoing. Supplies of Microsoft’s newest console have been constrained by production bottlenecks stemming from the global pandemic, and despite the general availability of the all-inclusive Xbox All Access scheme – the official pay monthly alternative to paying £449 for the console – the console itself is tricky to find in stock in the UK.

The cheaper and less advanced Xbox series S is easier to find in stock (£247.80, Amazon.co.uk), but surging demand for the more powerful Xbox has left the console sold out at sites like VerySmyths ToysGameArgosAsda and Amazon. When the Xbox series X does appear, it sells out in minutes as customers snap up the available units as soon as they arrive.

That’s why we launched our Xbox stock tracking liveblog, where we track every UK stockist at once to bring you live stock alerts as they happen. We’ll also bring you tips and advice for beating the crowds to bag an Xbox series X, including which sites to pay attention to, deals and discounts on Xbox accessories, and how to register your interest for new consoles before they go on sale.

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Which UK retailers stock the Xbox series X?


Smyths and Asda both have Xbox All Access stock

If you would rather pay monthly for your Xbox series X, then the £28.99 a month Xbox All Access programme is for you. Consoles are currently available this way, and delivered to your home, through Asda and Smyths Toys.

Xbox All Access includes the console itself, plus access to over 100 games via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – so you can play loads of top games without having to buy them individually. Xbox All Access requires a credit check and involves 24 monthly payments of £28.99, after which you own the console outright.

Alistair Charlton17 February 2022 09:01


Smyths has some in-store stock right now

We’re kicking off with some good news this morning. Smyths Toys has a handful of series X consoles in some of its stores. We’re not sure if this is the start of a larger, nationwide restock, but thought we’d detail exactly what’s available as of 9am this morning:

  • Blackpool: Two consoles
  • Bury: One console
  • Oldham: Five consoles
  • Forestside: Two consoles
  • Ballymena: Two consoles

Alistair Charlton17 February 2022 08:59


Good morning

Good morning and welcome to another day of Xbox series X hunting! As ever, we’ll be here throughout the day to bring you the very latest news on Xbox console availability, in-store and online, from right across the UK.

Alistair Charlton17 February 2022 08:40


Xbox stock trackers, signing off

Ding-ding-ding, that’s time. Wednesday’s stock tracking liveblog is over.

Hopefully you managed to pick up an Xbox series X at Microsoft earlier, but if not you can still find the all-inclusive and never-elusive Xbox All Access deal at Smyths Toys and Asda.

Still holding out for another restock? Join us again tomorrow to be the first to know when the Xbox re-emerges.

Steve Hogarty16 February 2022 17:22


Best Xbox Game Pass Ultimate titles


Since its introduction in 2017, Microsoft has offered gamers great value with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Much like a Netflix subscription, users can pay a monthly fee to access a library of over 100 titles for playing on Xbox consoles, PC and even via the cloud.

This is a great way to try plenty of excellent games that might otherwise have passed you by and it’s regularly updated on a monthly basis on a revolving door policy. When new games come in, old ones tend to go out.

Titles such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 are currently available through the service with plenty of others that are worth your time.

Steve Hogarty16 February 2022 16:36


The best gaming chairs in 2022

A comfortable gaming chair not only helps you play for longer but promotes good posture, allowing gamers to continue performing circus tricks well into their 70s.

There are thousands of gaming chairs to choose from, and most of them aren’t worth your time. To help you reverse your butt into the very best chair, we’ve rigorously tested and ranked the best gaming chairs in 2022 to suit every budget and build. Stop standing around and check it out.

Steve Hogarty16 February 2022 15:28


The best TVs for gaming on Xbox series X

With all this focus on where to buy an Xbox series X, let’s not overlook the thing you’re plugging it into. Is your TV ready for Microsoft’s next-generation console?

The Xbox series X can technically output at 8K resolution, though most games will only ever be running at a maximum of 4K. That’s the highest resolution most reasonably priced TVs can reach today.

If your TV only goes up to 1080p, games will still look great but you won’t be getting the most out of your new Xbox series X. To help you upgrade your set without breaking the bank, we’ve pulled together a list of the best 4K TVs for entertainment, movies and gaming.

Steve Hogarty16 February 2022 14:32


Where is the Xbox series S in stock?


Demand for the less powerful and more petite Xbox series S is much smaller and so the console is easy to find in stock pretty much everywhere.

Thing is, the Xbox series S is still a next-generation console, a brilliant games machine capable of playing all the same games as the Xbox series X. The console is backwards compatible with older Xbox games and has slightly lower grade components, meaning some of the fancier graphics options dialled down. It doesn’t have a disc drive either, so you can only play downloaded games. The hard drive is also half as big, so you need to redownload games more often.

There’s now an official Xbox series S + Fortnite + Rocket League bundle on the shelves too, costing £249.99. You can find it at Very, Game, Amazon and more.

Steve Hogarty16 February 2022 13:34


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Steve Hogarty16 February 2022 12:31


‘Cyberpunk 2077’ next-gen version is here

Anyone who owns the original game can upgrade to the fancier version today by downloading a patch 1.5.

On Xbox series X it’s a 63GB update, so you might want to get it downloading now if you plan on playing once you get home. There’s a free demo version available too, in case you want a little tester of CD Projekt Red’s dystopian sci-fi RPG.

Steve Hogarty16 February 2022 11:30

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Read More: Xbox series X stock – live: Latest UK restock news from Amazon, Game, Currys and more

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