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Xbox series X stock – live: Restock news from Argos, Amazon, Game and more

<p>Who could restock Microsoft’s newest console next? </p>
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Who could restock Microsoft’s newest console next?

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Update: The Xbox series X is in stock at Amazon. Read on for more details.

Xbox series X stock has been constrained by production bottlenecks stemming from the global pandemic, and despite the general availability of the Xbox All Access scheme – the pay monthly alternative to paying £449 for the console – the console itself is still difficult to reliably find in stock in the UK.

The less advanced Xbox series S is easier to find in stock (£249, Amazon.co.uk), but surging demand for the more powerful Xbox has left the console sold out at sites like VerySmyths ToysGameArgosAsda and Amazon. When the Xbox series X does appear, it sells out in minutes as customers snap up the available units as soon as they arrive.

That’s why we launched our Xbox stock tracking liveblog, where we track every UK stockist at once to bring you live stock alerts as they happen.

We’ll also bring you tips and advice for beating the crowds to bag an Xbox series X, including which sites to pay attention to, deals and discounts on Xbox accessories, game reviews and how to register your interest for new consoles before they go on sale.

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Which UK retailers stock the Xbox series X?


The Xbox series X is in stock at Currys

Currys also has the Xbox series X in stock this morning, but only as part of a bundle including the official 1TB Seagate SSD and three months of Game Pass.

It costs £669. That’s a spicy little meatball, and offers no savings over buying the £449 console, the £190 hard drive and £30 worth of Game Pass separately.

Steve Hogarty1 March 2022 08:57


The Xbox series X is in stock at Amazon

Amazon has restocked the Xbox series X for £449.

Prime customers can have the console delivered by tomorrow.

Steve Hogarty1 March 2022 08:38


Xbox stock trackers, signing off

Well that’s all from us this rather bleak Monday afternoon. We head into the evening with the Xbox still in stock at Currys and Game, and Xbox All Access also available at Asda and Smyths Toys.

However, the unbundled £449 consoles are all sold out at Currys. That means the £464.98 deal at Game is the cheapest offer out there right now.

Want to bag an Xbox without a £16 baseball cap attached? Then join us again tomorrow when we’ll be resuming our search for the best Xbox deals around.

Steve Hogarty28 February 2022 17:22


How large is the Xbox series X?


Two important questions you should ask yourself before before you buy that fancy new walnut TV unit from Wayfair: how big is the Xbox series X? And can you lay the Xbox on its side?

The Xbox series X isn’t as large as the enormous PlayStation 5, but it’s still really rather big. The Xbox series S is much smaller, and both console can be either stood up vertically or laid down horizontally.

Stood up, the series X is 30.1cm tall, 15.1cm wide and 15.1cm deep.

In the same orientation, the series S is 27.1cm tall, 6.5cm thick and 15.1cm deep.

Steve Hogarty28 February 2022 16:22


The best TVs for gaming on Xbox series X

If you’re shopping for an Xbox series X then you might well be after a new TV too – especially one that has a 4K resolution, HDR and a high frame rate to show the console off at its best.

The Xbox series X can output at 8K resolution, but most games will only ever run at a maximum of 4K. That’s the highest resolution most reasonably priced TVs can reach, and it’s realistically all you’ll ever need.

If your TV only goes up to 1080p (also known as Full HD), games will still look great but you won’t be getting the most out of your new Xbox series X. To help you upgrade your set without breaking the bank, we’ve pulled together a list of the best 4K TV deals for entertainment, movies and gaming.

Steve Hogarty28 February 2022 15:24


The best VPN for the Xbox series X

If you stream movies on your Xbox, a virtual private network allows you to disguise your location and access content and shows not normally available in your country. A VPN can also bypass any firewalls imposed by whoever runs your network.

You can’t install a VPN directly to an Xbox series X, but you can install one on a laptop and route your console’s internet connection through that. You can also install some VPNs on routers to cover all of your devices in your home in one go.

The best VPN for every type of device

The best VPN services on your iPhone, Firestick, Android and more in the UK for Netflix and streaming, including ProtonVPN, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost

Steve Hogarty28 February 2022 14:26


Read our review of the new Nintendo Switch OLED

If handheld gaming is more your thing then check out our review of the new Nintendo Switch OLED. The console features an OLED display for the first time, which is larger than before and produces punchier colours and deeper blacks. There’s also a redesigned kickstand and double the internal storage of its predecessor.

Our reviewer said of the £309.99 console: “The larger display is fantastic and playing games in handheld mode is an absolute joy. The kickstand feels so solid and makes us never want to look at that little toggle on the back of the original Switch ever again…this is absolutely the best version of the console yet.”

Steve Hogarty28 February 2022 13:28


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Steve Hogarty28 February 2022 12:30


Is the Xbox series X in stock at CEX?

Second hand electronics stores and online auction sites are usually awash with Xbox consoles, but we tend not to report on this stock.

Why? For a start, these second hand Xboxes are still more expensive than buying brand new.

And secondly, a big reason for the scarcity of consoles in the first place is professional resellers buying up new stock to sell online at an inflated price. You might not mind paying a little more for an Xbox, but buying a console in this way incentivizes scalping, perpetuates the practice, and unfairly drives up prices for legitimate shoppers who might not have that extra hundred quid to spend.

Steve Hogarty28 February 2022 11:30


Is Very due an Xbox restock soon?

Very tends to have precisely one Xbox restock every month, always on a Tuesday and always at around 9:30am. This has been the case since early 2021, making Very one of the few retailers it’s possible to accurately predict.

These restocks usually happen in the middle of the month, so we’re not expecting another drop for at least three weeks, but keep Very in mind should Currys and Game run out of consoles in March.

Steve Hogarty28 February 2022 11:01

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Read More: Xbox series X stock – live: Restock news from Argos, Amazon, Game and more

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